RMAC 2023: The Best Airgun Event of the Year!

RMAC 2023

The 2023 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge (RMAC) proved to be a remarkable event that brought together airgun enthusiasts from around the world. Hosted by Utah Airguns, a prominent player in the airgun industry, the tournament not only showcased the exceptional skills of participants but also served a noble cause by supporting Sons of the Flag. With the support of numerous sponsors, RMAC became an unparalleled success, raising both awareness and funds for a worthy organization.

Events Fit For All

The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge is an annual tournament that has gained recognition as one of the premier airgun events worldwide. It attracts skilled marksmen, competitors, and enthusiasts who converge in Utah to showcase their expertise and enjoy friendly competition. With various categories such as speed, precision, 100m benchrest, and big bore shooting, RMAC offers a diverse platform for participants to display their skills across different disciplines.

The Speed event is one of the most simple and yet intense events. Two competitors go head to head and shoot the same course at the same time. First to finish gets points, best of 3.

In the 100m benchrest, participants get 30 minutes to shoot 25 targets with as many sight in sh0ts they want at another row of targets. The closer to the center you hit, the more points you get for each target.

In precision, around 20 different unique ranges are setup, all with different courses of fire, but they all follow the same general rules: shoot a certain amount of small targets within a set time limit.

Finally for big bore, you have to shoot two targets in one minute, ten different times, and they range from 120 to 350 meters away. Every hit scores you points.

The Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge Supports Sons of the Flag

Utah Airguns, a leading airgun retailer and enthusiast hub, has always been dedicated to supporting charitable causes. In 2023 and past years, Utah Airguns partnered with Sons of the Flag, a nonprofit organization focused on assisting military, first responder, and civilian burn survivors. This collaboration added a philanthropic dimension to RMAC, creating an event that combined the thrill of airgun shooting with the opportunity to contribute to a noble cause.

Sons of the Flag is renowned for its work in providing medical support, rehabilitation, and educational opportunities for burn survivors. By collaborating with Utah Airguns, the organization was able to raise awareness about its mission and secure vital funds to continue its crucial work.

RMAC Sponsors

The success of the 2023 RMAC was made possible by the generous support of several sponsors. These sponsors recognized the importance of the event and the positive impact it had on the airgun community and Sons of the Flag. Companies such as DonnyFL, Armageddon Gear, Accu-Tac, us at 2A Commerce, and more contributed their resources to ensure the event’s smooth execution and its ability to make a meaningful difference.

The financial contributions from sponsors not only helped cover the operational costs of the tournament but also allowed Sons of the Flag to receive a substantial donation. The support demonstrated by these organizations highlighted their commitment to both the airgun community and the well-being of burn survivors, showcasing the power of corporate social responsibility.

RMAC 2023 Was a Success, and  We’re Ready for Next Year!

The 2023 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, hosted by Utah Airguns, exemplified the spirit of friendly competition and philanthropy. The event not only showcased the skills of airgun enthusiasts but also raised awareness and funds for a crucial cause. The support of various sponsors played a pivotal role in the success of RMAC, highlighting the importance of corporate social responsibility in fostering positive change within communities. The 2023 RMAC will be remembered as a testament to the power of collaboration, passion, and generosity.

If you’re interested in joining RMAC but don’t own an airgun yet, you can conveniently find all the necessary equipment to kick-start your journey with us at Utah Airguns. Additionally, our esteemed sponsors, including Airforce Airguns, American Airgunner, Firebird, air marksman, and others, offer a wide array of accessories to fulfill your needs. Don’t hesitate any longer! Get yourself your very own airgun today, and we look forward to welcoming you at RMAC 2024!

RMAC Sponsors
RMAC 2023 Sponsors

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