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2ACommerce is revolutionizing Firearms eCommerce, PoS, digital marketing, payment processing and data tools for freedom-loving Americans. We believe that if your business is legal your payment processing and software should never be in jeopardy and we allow your firearms ecommerce to operate without the fear of being shut down by your bank and technical services.

We love all things Freedom, Guns and America and we are proud to sponsor the 5th Annual Gundie Awards which took place at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas on Monday 1/22/2024, the night before the NSSF SHOT Show.

The Gundie Awards are the biggest gun industry award ceremony of the year, and yes the name is inspired by the Dundie Awards from our favorite TV family The Office. This year the Gundies had about 700 people in attendance – everyone from gun advocates to shooters to social media influencers. The categories included most influential female of the year; video of the year; most entertaining content creator; best shooter; most influential male of the year; most dapper influencer; best outdoorsman; best gun reviewer; top voice of the 2A; most likely to survive the apocalypse; breakout creator of the year; most innovative brand of the year; firearms instructor of the year and influencer of the year. Needless to say the theater was filled with amazing people who all keep our 2nd Amendment rights front and center.

The entire event can be viewed here:

2ACommerce is revolutionizing Firearms eCommerce

2A Commerce was among the many sponsors and attendees at SHOT show including Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners of California, Sylvan Arms; Accu-Tac; Utah Airguns, PatchOps, Accufire; Airforce Airguns; Axle Targets; Can Cannon; Armageddon Gear; FoldAR; Infinity Targets; Jacob Grey; McLean Sling, Black-Tie Guns; North Shore Sports Club; and so many others!

The 5th Annual Gundie awards were truly very special and we are already looking forward to next year. And a huge thank you to Forge Relations, the go-to for turnkey brand and marketing strategies, management and execution, for putting on this unique event.

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