Built for Merchants and Developers

We have partnered with FluidPay and Authorize.net to provide you gateways with out-of-the-box features to integrate into your business process rapidly.

Looking to build a custom application? Our developer documentation and API endpoints are extensive and best in class.

Best in Class Features

Our gateway are robust and comprehensive payment infrastructures.

Account Updater

Updated vaulted payment methods automatically if a customer’s payment information is expired or changed, regardless of the processor.


Invoice Customers via email and SMS while allowing your customers to make payments through an embedded link.


Our fraud management tool. It is used to set rules and filters to prevent false transactions.


Tokenizer creates an accurate and easy way for your customers to enter their payment information, minimizing error and increasing successful payments.


2A Commerce has an in-house complaint surcharging platform. The platform is for credit cards only and prohibits banned states along with debit cards.

Customer Vault

Avoid the huge costs and resources involved in becoming PCI compliant. Mitigate your risk by utilizing the vault.

Virtual Terminal

Process credit cards and ACH transactions with a virtual terminal from any computer or device with an internet connection.

Batch Processing

Helpful to those who perform multiple billings for customers. This can include subscriptions, monthly billings, etc.

Dashboard analytics

Provide insight into trends and customer behaviors in one, easy-to-understand interface.

Cash Discount

Lower your monthly card payment processing fees by over 90% by using the new DTI exclusive and patented “Cash Discount Program” (DCD).

Shopping Cart Integrations

The 2A sopping cart and Simple Buy Button can be integrated into your website without the need to build an extensive online store.

Recurring Billing

Help simplify the payment process by increasing cash flow and reducing overall costs to capture payments.

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