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2-in-1 Reader

Connect to your smart device or computer via Bluetooth and accept EMV chip cards, magstripe cards, and contactless payments (with the 3-in-1 Reader) wherever you go. Simple, easy, and portable. 

The 2A Commerce 2-in-1 Bluetooth Credit Card Reader accepts:

• EMV chip cards • Magstripe cards.

Smart Terminal

This all-in-one handheld device combines the convenience of a fully equipped terminal with the advanced functionality of Payanywhere. Plus, with lightning-fast transaction times, those payments will always be frictionless. The Smart Terminal is the perfect match for a number of businesses including coffee shops, beauty salons, medical offices, and more.

Smart Flex

The perfect hybrid of a point of sale system and a credit card terminal, the Payanywhere Smart Flex is a sleek, portable, and feature-rich POS terminal. Plus, with lightning-fast transaction times, those payments will always be frictionless. The Smart Flex would be a perfect solution for a business who wants maximum mobility, with the power of a full-blown point of sale. 

Readers and Terminals

Start accepting payments anywhere! Accept payments in your store or on-the-go with our readers and terminals. Whether you need a simple 2-in-1 card reader or a dynamic POS solution, we can handle it all.

• Mobile Readers

  Smart Terminals 


• Flex and POS Plus

Virtual Terminal

The 2A Commerce Virtual Terminal can be used to process credit cards and ACH transactions from any computer or device with an internet connection from ANYWHERE in the world. This allows you to securely and efficiently handle various tasks such as verification, reporting, and processing credit card and ACH transactions. Swiped and keyed transactions can also be accepted. 

​​​​​​​Our gateway is so advanced you can integrate into the leading e-commerce solutions and POS systems or create basic products to embed in any web page without building and managing a full-blown e-commerce website.

Example: include a buy button and a simple shopping cart.


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